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I’m starting this blog as a place to record and help keep me accountable on my path.

What is my path? It leads to a life of independence and sustainability, and hopefully full of happiness.

I’m 28 years old. I feel like I’m exaggerating or telling fibs when I say that I’m going to be 30 next year… but I’m not. It’s true. In a year and a half I will be celebrating my 30th birthday. (Is it weird that I still think of myself as being in my mid-twenties?)

I like the mid-twenties. When you’re that age, you’re surrounded by all sorts of life stages. Some mates are still in uni. Some are galavanting around the world. Some have babies. Some have mortgages and serious jobs and a puppy. Others still work in the local cafe. No judgements. I feel like that will change once I hit 30 though. I think I will also change in what I let myself get away with.

Life is short, we’ve all heard that. I can’t keep putting off what I want to be, what I want to do, what I want my life to be like.

What my life looks like now: 

  • Living in a two-bedroom flat in Yarraville, an inner-western suburb of Melbourne with my Lovely Boyfriend of 4 years. We moved here at the end of January, after living with my mother for a few months in the countryside when we arrived from Canada.
  • Studying to become a secondary school teacher at the University of Melbourne. This has always been my back-up career option.
  • One novella published. As of today, roughly 3000 copies of it are floating around out there. About 450 of them were paid for. The rest were given away for free.
  • 5 pot plants on my kitchen window sill. Thyme, chives, mint, basil and parsley are growing in there. We have no garden of our own at the flat – just a bit of shared lawn. I will probably buy a few big pots and grow some tomatoes once Spring comes around.
  • Pretty damn broke. The Lovely Boyfriend hasn’t been able to find a job yet (not for lack of trying) and we’ve gone through nearly all of our savings (we haven’t worked since we quit our jobs in Vancouver last September). Currently living on Austudy payments. Not nearly enough for the two of us, but we’re getting by. Fingers crossed, TLB (The Lovely Boyfriend) will have a job within the next few weeks.

What I want my life to look like:

  • Growing most of our food from our garden. Making as much food from scratch as possible.
  • Earning a living from my books.

They’re the main things actually. Everything else stems off from there.

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