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Growing your own food in the city?

This is something I’m really struggling with at the moment.

We have no garden.

It sucks.

We’re renting at the moment (and for the forceable future). For our (currently) limited budget and location restrictions (for this year, at least, I’m going into Parkville almost everyday. We could live further out and have a big yard, but decided to live closer to the city this year and not spend more than 80 minutes on public transport each day).

We spent a few months looking for places, and there were a few that we applied for that I really, really, REALLY wish we’d been approved for but weren’t… one would have helped me so much on this path. It had a very large backyard for only 8km from the CBD, and a pre-existing chook-run and veggie patch and fruit trees… it was an old house that had never been renovated, but it was perfect… and of course we did not get it.

Instead we’ve ended up in a ground-floor, two-bedroom apartment with no garden. Most of the time I don’t mind it too much (we have a great view over the elderly, Italian neighbours gorgeous garden) but damn it! I want my own garden.

In the meantime I’ll just have to make do with growing my own herbs on the windowsill (and tomatoes come Spring), and trying to buy organically and locally. The farmers market only runs once a month though, and until TLB become gainfully employed, we can’t really afford to buy a Whole Larder Love veggie box each week, unfortunately. We’ve gotten it a couple of times, and they’re fantastic… but yeah… money and stuff. Money sucks. When you don’t have it.


With these limitations established, I’d like to   state the following aims:

  • Grow as much as I can in my limited way.
  • Pay attention to the seasons and eat/cook seasonally appropriate food.
  • Shop as locally as possible. No Coles/Woolworths.
  • Get the veggie boxes when we can afford it.

Before I’m thirty I want my own veggie patch. No more bloody pot plants. (potted plants to my North American friends. No, I’m not talking about marijuana!)



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