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Life Update

I’m currently on a few weeks break in between uni semesters. Woo! This is how I (kind of) want my life to be like. I get up when I wake up (usually between 7-9am) and sit at my desk and write.  It’s been marvellous. I’m currently 14,000 words into a new story. I’m aiming to get the first draft done and dusted before I start classes again on the 17th of July.

University was such a time-suck for me last semester (and boy, was it a long semester! 17 very full-on weeks, with barely a chance to catch my breath) but I’m hoping I’ll be able to manage my time a bit better this up-coming semester. For one, the class load doesn’t appear to be quite as intense as first semester, but we’ll see how that pans out. Secondly, for the first three weeks, I’ll only have 3 day weeks, due to being accepted to rural placement.

Last semester, and for people doing the normal metro placement, we dived right into school’s. 3 days a week at uni, followed by 2 days in our placement schools, and then followed by a not very relaxing weekend trying to get all the work done for the following week. I have no idea how some people managed to hold down jobs as well – my hat goes off to them! I know I would have struggled big time.

My final results have been trickling in. I’ve got 4 now, just two to go. I didn’t do as well as I was hoping, but they’re still decent grades. My final assessments let me down. I was feeling really burnt out by then, and found out that a friend had suddenly passed away in the midst of it, which didn’t exactly put me in the best frame of mind…

As it stands though, my marks that I got during the semester were high enough to keep my final marks above 70%. I am anticipating a pretty good mark (80% or above) for my Placement subject, which in the end is the main subject that matters if I am to pursue teaching as a career.

Aim for next semester is to get 75% or above for all subjects, and to give myself more time for assignments – none of this finishing it off 2 minutes before it’s due thing.

Anyway, with all of that (chapters upon chapters of required reading, assignments, group presentations, lesson planning, unit planning etc. etc.) I really didn’t get much fiction  writing done. Or fiction reading, either. I normally demolish a book in a day or two, but it took me over a month to read The Paris Wife… I’d fall gratefully into bed, happily open up the book, and be fast asleep before finishing the page. I don’t know how many times The Lovely Boyfriend came to bed and had to wrest the book from my sleeping hands.

I’ve set myself a 1000 words (or more) a day challenge. I’ll do it first thing in the morning when I start back at uni. It only takes me about 30-40 minutes to write 1000 words if I know what I’m writing about, so I don’t really have an excuse!

Things are going okay on the money front. It was looking a bit dicey there, but thankfully The Lovely Boyfriend landed a good-paying job and has been getting regular shifts, so the bank balance is looking a little healthier and we actually had almost $1000 left after paying the rent, which hasn’t happened for a long time! So as long as the shifts keep rolling in (he’s only a casual, so they could stop any time), we should be all right there.

We still owe my Grandma $2500 for the car we bought off her when we arrived back in Australia, we should be able to give her at least $500 next pay. I don’t like owing people money!

Thankfully we don’t have any other serious debt. I still owe about $10,000 on my HECS debt (well, I suppose it’s more like $13,000 after this semester back at uni) but that will just happily sit there until I start earning over ~$50k and then just come out of my taxes. The Lovely Boyfriend still owes about $5000 on his old student loan back in Canada, which I’d love to get rid of, but for the moment it will just have to keep sitting there.

No credit card debt, woo. We don’t even have an Australian credit card at the moment- we still both have our Canadian one’s, but they’re purely for total emergencies and haven’t been touched for a long time)

With the lack of backyard or balcony etc, not much going on on this front. My herb pots are not growing well – made the mistake of buying cheap potting mix. It sucks. It was mostly twigs! The thyme is growing okay, the chives all died (I’ve never had problems growing chives before!) and the basil and parsely are stunted and haven’t grown for months. Planning on a trip to the Nursery soon to get some decent soil and start over. I’d like to grow some garlic and plant some bulbs in pots out by our front door. Must get on that.

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