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City or Country?


I grew up in the countryside, in a small town of about 250 people. As a kid I loved it, and as an adult I love being able to go back. I think I’d feel trapped in the city if I didn’t know I could jump in the car/jump on the train and escape back home to Mum’s. However in my late teens I was oh so ready to escape. For the past 10 years, I’ve mainly lived in cities; Melbourne and Vancouver, for the most part.

I noticed the other day, that left to my own devices, I rarely leave the 2km radius of my home. I walk to Footscray, I walk to Yarraville, and I walk to Seddon. Most of the time, this radius has everything I need. The city seems a bit wasted on me. It only takes me 15 minutes by train to get from my door to Southern Cross Station or Flinders St. It’s not like it’s an effort for me to get there or anything… I just…don’t.

At some point in the near-ish future, The Lovely Boyfriend and I will need to decide where we’re going to live. Asides from deciding which country (I’m Australian, he’s Canadian, we love both places) we also need to decide; country or city.

I think at heart I’m a country girl. I love wide open spaces, listening to the birds and the cows and the dogs – not traffic and trains and the people in the apartment above me.

I want a big garden, and to be able to grow my own food, have a big chook shed, maybe a pig or two… Property is a hell of a lot more affordable in the countryside, and home ownership a lot more achievable, but I do love the convenience and options that living in a city brings.

Cities are so convenient though. I feel like you don’t have to plan as much when you live in a city. Almost everything is at your fingertips. Well. Not a huge backyard, open spaces or no traffic.

City pros:

– Good coffee
– abundance of great restaurants (my hometown has one restaurant, and calling it great would be a huge stretch)
– Jobs
– Most of my friends live in the city (Melbourne or Vancouver)
– Convenience

Country pros:

-Cost and availability of land/housing – don’t have to live in an apartment.
– Big garden to grow own food
-Being able to see the stars at night. Sometimes I forget how extraordinary the night sky is when it’s not blocked out by the endless artificial light of the city.
-Would be able to keep my rescue menagerie.
-Slower pace of life.

Left entirely to me, I think I’d live in the city for the next couple of years, and then in my thirties move rural. Or rural-ish. Now to see what The Lovely Boyfriend thinks…


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