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Writing in “Public” experiment

I have a Release Date (December 10th).

I have an editor booked (October 30th).

I have most of it plotted out. Now I just need to finish writing the damn thing.

Current word count is at 4534. The previous novella in the series came in at 20,000 words. I’m thinking this one will be more like 25-30,000.

When I’m focused I can write 500 words in 15 minutes. Do that a few times a day and I’m set. To keep me on track, I’m going to attempt a “Writing in Public” type thing à la Dean Wesley Smith. I will update every day until I finish this book. Oh yeah, and I also have what feels like a bazillion uni assignments due this month. May as well keep track of them as well. One of the aims for this little experiment is to keep me more accountable of my time, and also make me more productive.

Will start with yesterday’s output.

Novella: 778 words (Total: 3097)
Uni Assignment: 597


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