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Writing in public Update #1

Okay! First day! Wahoo!

Wordcount for today is:

Novella: 2068 new words.

That brings the total to 5174. I can see this word count blowing out (which is a good thing). These characters have a lot to say. I love it when characters surprise me. I did a bit of a speed-write session with the Write or Die app, and discovered that one of my protagonists’ grandparents is in complete denial about the situation. I hadn’t even realised that until I wrote the scene, but gosh darn it, it worked!

I’m a bit leery of my characters sounding too Australian. One of my two MC’s is Aussie, but the other is Canadian, so will have to get The Lovely Boyfriend (or his mother) to beta-read for me, to make sure I’m not accidentally chucking Aussie-isms in there.

And a quick gardening aside: I’m cooking dinner at the moment. I’m using a mix of my home-grown parsley and some store bought parsley. Goddammit, my parsley smells so much more fragrant!

Anyway. It’s 7:30pm now, my brain tends to turn to mush about now. I’ll most likely be fast asleep within a couple of hours. Back to it tomorrow! (And maybe a bit of uni work, eep)


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