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Writing in Public Update #5

Wow, I dropped the bundle here, quickly!

I have been writing a lot the past couple of weeks, but it hasn’t been on the novella, it’s all been university focused.

Lets see:

  • 1600 word analysis
  • 2600 word speech
  • 1000 word presentation
  • 1400 word essay
  • Two days back at my placement school

I’ve only to 3.5 weeks left of this semester, and then it’s blessed, blessed freedom. Next year I’ll only be at uni part-time, and I anticipate my work load being MUCH more manageable. This year I’ve had 6 subjects per semester, next year it will only be 2… 4 essays/assignments per semester instead of the 20 (no joke) I’ve had this semester.

Upcoming in the next 3.5 weeks is:

  • 1 quiz
  • 1600 word essay on ICT
  • 2 presentations (History & Hums)
  • 1500 word essay (Hums)
  • 2600 word learning inquiry report (Hums)
  • 1400 word analysis of practice (History)
  • 2000 word essay (English Teaching Method)
  • 1200 reflective report (Assessment)

I think that’s it?

Anyway. Busy few weeks. I don’t really anticipate a lot of fiction writing getting done while I have all of this to get through, but I’ll try to get some done.

I don’t seem to do very well at trying to snatch  5 – 10 free minutes and getting even 100 words down. I need to sit down and have a good solid few hours ahead of me to sink into the story, without the guilt of “you really should be working on that essay that’s due tonight/tomorrow/yesterday” hanging over my head.

In publishing news, I’m only 9 sales off hitting the 500 sold milestone! So, with the ~2000 odd copies I gave away during freebie runs early last year, there are around 2500 copies of my stories out there.


2 thoughts on “Writing in Public Update #5

  1. You poor thing. Totally inundated with assignments. Let me know if I can help out with anything

    Congratulations on that super close milestone! Woop woop!

    1. Thanks, Katie!

      I tried farming out my essays to a few people “Hey, if we all do one each, then I’ll be able to come out and play!”

      But no one seemed to want to take me up on it…

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