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Future Musings

I’ve really been thinking hard about how I want my life to be. I feel like I’m at a bit of a cross-roads here. I could get a full-time teaching job for next year, and be responsible and secure financially. The Lovely Boyfriend could go back to uni, and we’d be safe and fine financially. It wouldn’t matter if The Lovely Boyfriend worked part-time, or not at all during his studies. I’d be earning enough to cover us and still have a bit left over to play with.

It’s the mature, responsible thing to do.

I know I can teach now. Two rounds of placement have shown me that. I think I could be a pretty damn good teacher as well.

But, but, but.

Would it make me happy?

Teaching full-time would be utterly exhausting for me. I would not have any time or energy leftover to write or garden.

There’s a part-time (.6 loading) English/Humanities job advertised at a school nearby. It’s fixed-term, February-October 2015. I seriously thought about applying for it. The promise of a steady income after over a year of nothing is oh so tempting. Even at 0.6, I’d be making the same as what I was for most of my career as a technical writer in Canada. It’d be a bit of a stretch supporting both of us on that, but if he was working too, we’d be comfortable.

But… with the amount of prep I’d have to do, it would still pretty much be a full-time job. I still wouldn’t have any energy left over for writing.

And do I always want to be looking forward to the weekened? To be marking time until the next holidays? Hell no.

I want to enjoy each day, to look forward to Mondays as much as the weekends, to take holidays when I want them, not when the government mandates them.
I want The Lovely Boyfriend to be able to do what he wants and follow his passions, not just work some shitty job to keep a roof over our heads, while being stressed and miserable.

So…. how do I achieve this?

I think I know. Now to do it.

3 thoughts on “Future Musings

  1. Getting the balance right is always difficult. Especially in a world where jobs can magically dissapear or reappear with the political climate. Your will get there, and it will likely happen in the most organic way. Xx

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