Getting back on the wagon

Well, it’s been a pretty hectic last couple of months, but I finally have a chance to breath.

I finished off my Postgraduate Diploma of Teaching, which means I’m fully qualified to teach secondary history/humanities and English… well, at least once my registration with the Victorian Institute of Teaching goes through sometime in December/January.

I was quite pleased with my final results for the semester. It was my best semester ever, actually. Three High Distinctions (Honors First Class) [above 80%] and three Distinctions (Honors Second Class) [above 70%]. Average of 79% for the semester, and an overall average of 77% for the year. Which means I could do my Masters by Research if I so desired. But I don’t. That probably wouldn’t work out too well, I know me. So I shall do it by coursework.

It was pretty crazy finishing all that off; I had 8000 words worth of essays due the final week. The feeling when I handed in that final assignment… such bliss. Although I keep feeling like I should be working on an essay, or reading some article on educational theory or something.

Asides from finishing that off, we’ve also been playing host to a good friend from Canada for the past three weeks. Lots of fun, but it’s very time consuming having a house guest!

We dropped him off at the airport this morning though, so now I really have no excuses not to throw myself back into the fiction writing world. I desperately need to finish off my novella and get it ready for publishing.

I have a small part-time job that will take up about 12 hours a week, but apart from that, I don’t have any other commitments. So. No excuses.


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