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Excercising those storytelling fingers

Getting back into the rhythm of writing regularly has been nice, but it’s also been a little bit frustrating. I want to write a lot. But I keep tapping out at around 1000 – 2000 words a day (and I only hit 2000 yesterday after a week of 1000-15000 or less). It’s a stark reminder to me that I’ve got to keep at this regularly and work my way up to the big numbers. After neglecting my fiction most of the semester, I can’t just dive back in with a 5000 or 10,000 word day, as much as I’d like to.

Maybe my reluctance to write also has something to do with the pressure I’m feeling. I’m writing a sequel to a story that was well received. I’m afraid I’ll disappoint.

I’ve decided to concentrate on my secret pen name after I get this one out, for a couple of months at least.

It’s hard though, deciding which story to focus on next. SO MANY STORIES!! But before I start thinking too much about that, I need to finish this one! I’m 16,000 words in. I’d like to be at 20,000 by the end of today. I have nothing planned for today, The Lovely Boyfriend is supportive and understanding, and knows I have a deadline.

Ideally I’d like to write around 5000 words a day, most days. I know it’s doable, I’ve done it before. I just need to get back there.


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