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Writing in Public Update Week #1 (Reboot)

I have decided to get back to my Writing in Public updates to keep me accountable. I’ll be posting them once a week, instead of once a day though. My aim is for AT LEAST 1000 words a day. Preferably more. So, that’s at least 7000 words a week.

Week 1:

Dec 1: 1455
Dec 2: 47 (very blah day)
Dec 3: 1178
Dec 4: 1535
Dec 5: 0 (physically exhausted that day, brain was just not working. Slept most of the time I was home!)
Dec 6: 1939
Dec 7: 180

Week total: 6334

So, I fell a bit short of my 7000 word goal. The start of the week was a bit like pulling teeth.I’m still getting back into the rhythm of writing. I hadn’t really written much for a couple of months, thanks to uni and visitors.

I also need to come up with some better techniques to power through writing when I don’t feel like it/am tired/feeling blah. Evidently what I do now doesn’t work.

I have Freedom installed on my laptop. I even blocked the internet for 4 hours one morning – didn’t get a word written because I then proceeded to go on a cleaning spree. I am my own worst enemy.

Week 2 needs to be better!


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