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Writing in Public Week #3

So, my aim for this challenge is two write at least 7000 words a week of fiction. Spoiler alert: This was another failure. I got 4594. But, as my eternally optimistic mother would say, 4594 is a hell of a lot better than 0!

The official count:

Dec 15th: 0. Not sure what my excuse was that day. My brother was home all day and he helped me out with my side-job which left us both utterly exhausted and cranky (incidentally, I am quitting that side job. Not earning nearly enough money – it’s working out to be well below minimum wage, and it knocks me out for a whole day mentally/physically).
Dec 16th: 520
Dec 17th: 1953 This was one of those days where the words just flowed and it was a joy to write. I love those days. The story was going where I wanted it to, I was engaged. I should have gotten more though. I think Brother came home from work and I got distracted by chips, dip and initiating him into the Avatar: The Last Airbender fanclub.   
Dec 18th: 1328
Dec 19th: 793 
Dec 20th: 0
Dec 21st: 0

Weekly total: 4594
December total to date: 14,303

Once again, I didn’t get any writing done on the weekend. We didn’t even go out of town. I have noticed that I find it harder to focus when people are around though, and especially when it’s The Lovely Boyfriend, who you know, wants to hang out with me, the nerve! I think I need to get into the habit and making an effort to get down 1000 words first thing in the morning. TLB loves his weekend sleep ins (he gets up at 3:15am or 5am on week days) while I still get up relatively early.

It’s Christmas this week (when did that happen?! How is it possible that this year is almost over!?) so I’m really going to have to make an effort to reach my word count goals. Well, I am planning on giving myself a bit of a buffer today, so tally ho!


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