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Frugality and Simplicity: Some thoughts

I’ve been thinking a lot about frugality and simplicity lately.

It’s no secret that I love the idea of financial independence and freedom, and not having to work in 9-5 drudgery making someone else rich. (Teaching is not making someone else rich financially, it’s just completely emotionally and mentally draining!). Life is short, and the idea of spending 40+ years slaving away and then retiring at 70 to enjoy my last few years… ummm. No, thank you. (Now, if you’ve actually got a job that you legitimately enjoy and are passionate about, good for you! I know they’re out there, but unfortunately for most people, jobs are just a means to an end. Work to live and live to work.)

I’ve been reading a few different blogs lately:

  • Mr Money Mustache is a great one, that I highly recommend. He’s a Canadian living in Colorado who blogs about frugality, financial independence (that is achievable), simpler living, enjoying life and all sorts of things that just make sense. He and his wife retired from the formal workplace at the grand old age of 30. That doesn’t mean they’re not still working though, they are just working on things that interest them and they are passionate about, like the blog which makes him quite a bit of money. He’s preaching it and living it.
  • Whole Larder Love is another of my faves. He’s an Aussie bloke who lives an hour or two away from me, near Ballarat. He quit the rat race a few years ago and is living the simple life, growing, hunting and trading most of his food. No processed food. During summer and autumn he also brings in weekly organic, freshly picked veggie boxes to Melbourne which we’ve bought a couple of times. They’re soooo good. He’s starting up again next weekend, can’t wait. His partner also has a great Intsagram feed! (hellokateberry, check her out if you’re on Instagram).
  • Sustainability in Style is my friend Katie’s blog. I’ve been really enjoying reading her blog this year. She writes about sustainability (duh), style – not fashion, and is usually giving herself a year or month long challenge that she reports back on. She also has lots of DIY tips and tricks and all sorts of interesting stuff. Check it out if you’re at all interested.

Then there are a bunch of random gardening and homesteading blogs I like to look at. Damn, so looking forward to the day I have my own garden!

2014 was a rather frugal and simple year for us out of necessity. Moving countries, going back to university, and difficulty finding jobs have meant that our income was either non-existent or lower than we were used to when we were both working full time and living in Canada (where useless crap and junk food is cheaper).

Next, I’ll post about what we’ve done right in the past year, and where most of our money has gone.

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