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Writing update

I’ve been a bad blogger.

Time for an update! I’m still scratching away at the book I was meant to publish in December/January. I honestly thought I’d be done by now, but in the past three and a half months since I missed my deadline and had to cancel my pre-order, I’ve only written about 8000 words, and most of those have been in the past week or so.

I’m close. Oh so close. I can smell it. When I first envisaged this story, I was thinking it would come out around 25,000 words. Maybe 30,000. It’s a companion to a novella that it only 20,000 words long. But as I was writing it, I found there was more I wanted to tell. The word count crept up. It’s currently at 46,550 words, and I now envisage the finished product to be around 50,000 give or take a few hundred words.

I could theoretically finish this today. That would be awesome. I can do it. I know I can. I need to stop being my own worst enemy, and just put my head down and work.

Hopefully by the next time I update, the manuscript will be off with the editors!

I’m honestly not sure why it’s taken me so long. I haven’t been nearly as busy this year as I was last year. I’ve only got one subject at uni this semester (I got my first assignment back today, good result! Yay!) and I’ve only worked a handful of days. It’s been a bit depressing actually, not having any money, and not being called very often. It makes me more determined than ever to turn my writing into a career, and yet I still sit on this manuscript, picking away at it. I published my first novella in January 2013. Almost two and a half years ago. I should have way more novels finished by now. Alas. I am my own worst enemy.

Anyway. Wrote 2600 words yesterday. Have written 1300 so far today. Taking a break for an hour for lunch and to take my brother to the Medicare office and do some shopping. Then, internet will be switched off, bum in seat, words will be written.

Tally ho!

2 thoughts on “Writing update

  1. Glad to hear that the writing is progressing. Can’t wait to devour the new novella. Perhaps we make a date to celebrate your writing mid year. I hope to come by on a visit to Melbourne and Hobart in the mid year holidays. This year has been so hectic. Look forward to having a nice glass of wine with you in the next couple of months. ❤

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