Still trying to be patient

Still trying to be patient. The editor has had the manuscript for 4 weeks now. I have a guy on the inside now who is there, bugging her, and now saying I should get it by Monday at the latest (it’s Friday today).

Even though I get mate’s rates through her, and she would most likely be pretty offended if I stopped using her as my editor or at least proof-reader… I’m not going to bother with her again.

Too damn slow.

She’s retired, it’s not like she’s working 5 days a week at an office job. My insider says she’s just too used to the easy life and is finding it hard to focus – and keeps claiming she’s super busy, when…. well, I guess if you call going out for coffee, posting an insane amount of things on facebook or bugging your son busy…

Anyway. I’m a bit frustrated if you couldn’t tell.

Oh well. I’ll get it back eventually.


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