Wishing my life away…

I’m up to 81 copies of the new book sold, and 109 combined sold of the two books combined in the past 5 weeks, which is more than the entire of 2014 (92 copies sold)! Thus is the power of a new release.

I find myself extremely impatient for the 10th of November to roll around. Which is a bit weird because it’s 8 days before I turn 30. And I’m not sure how I feel about turning 30…

But the 10th of November is when I’ll no longer have university assignments, students’ essays or class planning hanging over my head. I will feel free to write! And write I shall!

My last two assignments for my Masters degree are due on the 8th and 9th of November (One 2500 words, the other 4000). I finish my current teaching contract on the 5th of November.

I just can’t write much when I have assignments hanging over my head, glaring at me whenever I open up a fiction file. Remind me how much I hate doing assignments if I ever get a crack-pot idea to go back to formal study again… No, I can’t write my story, I need to do my assignment. But I don’t want to do my assignment, so I’ll just procrastinate online, or in my garden all day instead and get nothing done… That’s what happened last week.

I’m feeling extremely unmotivated with university as well, probably because I’m seriously contemplating not pursuing teaching as a career. So was the past two years of study a waste? No, not at all. I learned a lot, and expanded my horizons, and teaching is something I’ve always been interested in.

Plus, having a teaching degree means that I can CRT, which is a pretty high paying casual part-time job that doesn’t require much commitment…

I’m very much leaning towards just CRTing next year for my rent and grocery money and throwing myself fulling into publishing and attempt to turn that into a replacement income. I think I can do it. I know I can do it. It’s not just for other people!

So yes. Bring on the 10th of November when the rest of my life can begin…

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