Freedom, postponed.

I was excitedly counting down the days until my Freedom (AKA unemployment, and finishing uni). My teaching contract finished up on the 5th of November, and my final assignments were due a few days after that.

I actually had that “One more day” song from Les Miserables stuck in my head. I was giddy.

But, alas. I was ambushed on the 4th. The Vice-Principal asked to speak to me, and offered me my old job back – teaching 3 days a week until the end of the year. I hesitantly said yes – I’m really not in the financial position to be knocking back money at the moment, unfortunately!

A part of me is extremely grateful – it’s HARD getting teaching work at the moment, and I’m constantly exposed on various teaching facebook pages about how many of my fellow teachers struggle, and struggle to find work, so yeah, I feel very lucky that after my first (very casual) interview for a temporary job, I’ve just been handed two more contracts which has meant I’ve worked for most of semester 2, and has put me in a much better financial position than I otherwise would have been in.

But, yeah. It was a bit of an adjustment, mentally. I thought I was finishing up the next day, but then I got handed a stack of essays to mark, and planning to do.

So, then my assignments ended up being of a lower quality, and submitted late (I’ve really, really, REALLY struggled with teaching full-time and studying almost-full-time… I supposedly have all these hours free in the evening [when not marking essays, or assignments, or planning] but I’m just so brain-dead by then, I’m not very productive). Now I’m just hoping I pass! So far in this course I’ve maintained a Distinction average, but I know this semester will sink that. At the moment though, as long as I get at least 50% on all my subjects, I will honestly be over the moon. I don’t want to repeat anything!

At least uni is over and done with now, so that’s one less thing hanging over my head.

Now just 4 more weeks of teaching…


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