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Weekly check-in #2

While I’m still struggling to hit the 1000 words a day goal (I really don’t know why! I have all this time, it shouldn’t be so hard), I have managed to write every single day without fail so far this year. Let’s ignore the fact that this year is only two weeks old, shall we, and focus on the positives ๐Ÿ™‚

One of the benefits that I’ve found from forcing myself to write every day, is that I’m thinking about the story more. It’s always on my mind, I’m mulling over scenes, so even on those 55 word count days, I’m still thinking about the characters, their motivations, what’s going on. It’s been very helpful, and something I want to stick with.

In the past I’ve been more of a binge-writer. I’d attack a project with gusto, write the first 10-20k words in a flurry of words over a few days, and then something would get in the way. Work. Social commitments. Study commitments. Tiredness. Then it would have been a week or two and I’d have lost that initial immersion, and it would be a struggle to get back into the characters and mind-frame. That’s why it took me 9 months to write my first finished work – a 20,000 word novella. I think I wrote the first 8000 words in a weekend, and then pulled out the next 12,000 words over the next nine months in smaller binges, spaced days, weeks or months apart. Not the best way to work, if I want to make this my career.

So, for me, I think building this habit of writing every single day is a good thing. Even on those days where the last thing I feel like is writing, I force myself to at least get 50 words. Usually after I get that first 50, the next 50, 100, 500 is easy. Some days it’s not.

Without further ado, here are the numbers for Week 2 of 2016.

Jan 8th: 588
Jan 9th: 109
Jan 10th: 55
Jan 11th: 1122
Jan 12th: 155
Jan 13th:ย 54 ย  ย (Stinking hot, 41 degree day)
Jan 14th:ย 3050 (A much more respectable 19 degree day)

Total new words for the week: 5132
Total new words for the month: 9980
Total WIP word count: 31,907

Obviously I need more days like today. It wasn’t even hard. The words flowed. Bum in seat, internet off. I know what I need to do. Bring on week 3!

Sales are tip-toeing along. I’m up to 11 for the month (2 actual sales, 9 equivalent in pages read). That’s with no promo, so I’m not entirely sure how people are finding it! Changing the cover seemed to help a bit, so maybe that’s helping to get some more people to actually click on the book.

3 thoughts on “Weekly check-in #2

  1. It’s best, like you mention, to take away the positives of sitting to write each day rather than punish yourself for not hitting targets. Creativity is such a wild and free mistress so you can’t really (in my personal experience) expect her to show up on time and ready to go when you want her. Sadly our clock-watching-deadline-loving society doesn’t allow much space for creative expression and we often try to measure this creative-brain-child thing by some weird industrial revolution imposed standards of input and output efficiency. Art doesn’t come from a factory, it’s an expression of soul and soul knows no time limits. Set them words free! ๐Ÿ˜‰

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