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Weekly check-in #3

Dropped the bundle a bit this week, unfortunately. Need to get back in that saddle! Started off the week all right and on track, but then my lovely mother came to visit for a couple of days and I lost my focus. Not her fault at all – she left me alone for hours on end as she was off gallivanting around the city with her girlfriends. I squandered my time alone. I need to learn to focus easier, when I have the chance. And not keep pushing things off ’til later. I’m really good at doing that… the dishes? I’ll do them later. Sort the laundry out? Later. Finish that chapter? Later. Ugh. I am my own worst enemy, sometimes, I swear!

I also had my first day where I didn’t write anything at all. Bad, Cebyam. Bad!

Jan 15th: 1023
Jan 16th: 1083
Jan 17th: 331
Jan 18th: 132
Jan 19th: 0
Jan 20th: 9
Jan 21st: 1005

Total new words for the week: 3583
Total new words for the month: 13564
WIP word count: 35,441

It’s a long weekend coming up, and I won’t have the house to myself for hours on end, so I really need to make the most of my time and focus when I have the chance.

Hugh Howey, one of my writing heroes, published a rather timely blog piece the other day. It’s here if you want to read it for yourself. The main thing that I got out of it, was that if I want to actually succeed at this I need to work harder. Not necessarily harder than everyone else, but a lot harder than I currently am. Writing daily already puts me ahead of a lot of wannabe writers. Actually finishing stories puts me ahead. Having the delusional balls to put them up for sale puts me ahead.

But so many of my peers are working a lot, lot, lot harder than I am. They’re writing a thousand, five thousand, even ten thousand words a day, every day. Or at least most days. There is one author whose productivity I am in awe of. She write 10,000+ words 5 days a week. She basically wins NaNoWriMo every single week. And I’ve read a couple of her books. They’re good! Some people assume that if you write a lot, quickly, then it’s automatically dross. There is inevitably a new thread over on KBoards about quantity v. quality with the assumption that people who publish more than one book a year are hacks churning out half-baked words, every few months. Without fail.

Anyway. I guess I aspire to be one of those “hacks”. I have so many ideas I want to write about, stories I want to tell… if I limit myself to only one every year or two or three, then I’ll never get them all out!

Plus, I want to actually make a living at this, and more books = more opportunities for people to find you.

So. Last week of the school holidays this week. Soon I will be back in the classroom (hopefully) and making some moolah the old fashioned way. I also have my father relocating back to the country after being away for a few years. I’ve promised to help him move, repaint, sort out all the crap in Mum’s shed etc. That will be Week #5. I’ll have to be precious of my time and make sure I still get my daily words.


2 thoughts on “Weekly check-in #3

  1. That article is AWESOME!

    I wonder on a near daily basis if I am crazy or not. Turns out my incessant Googling of macabre and socially unacceptable topics, sitting at my computer at 6am in nude and writing a few thousand words, and occasionally talking myself into believing that vodka and dark chocolate constitutes an evening meal, equals writing brilliance not a trip to see some mental health professionals.

    Now… if only I could commit myself to writing something in book format so I could earn the cash to pay for my chocolate and vodka ‘writer’ dinners. ;-P

    Thanks for sharing and best of luck with the long weekend creative invasion.

    1. Hahaha. You’re not crazy! It’s official!

      It was red wine and cheese last night for me. That turned out to be my dinner. Sigh. I often fail at adulting when left alone in the evenings…

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