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Week #6 Check-in; or the importance of keeping focus

For me, and I suspect for many other writers, keeping focus when working on a story is very important. It’s hard to walk away mid-story and then just pick it back up a week or two later and expect to dive back in. It takes time to reacquaint yourself with the characters, the plot, the setting, the voice.

Keeping focus is one of the reasons why I’m trying to foster the habit of writing daily.

Unfortunately sometimes that distracting thing called life gets in the way.  I missed my Week 4 & 5 check-ins, and to be honest there wasn’t much to check-in about… Looking at my numbers…

Week 4: I wrote on 5/7 days (however, two of those days barely count at under thirty words) for a weekly total of 1977 words. I should be doing that at least daily, not weekly!

Week 5: I wrote on only one day for a grand total of 205 words. Sigh. I have excuses, not reasons. I was away, helping my father move house and sorting out my mother’s garage. I still could have made time to write.

Week 6 hasn’t been a whole lot better. I really struggled to get back into the right mind-frame for the story. But I’m getting there.

After writing nothing for the first 4 days of the week, I sputtered out 288 words on Tuesday, and then a much more respectable 1825 words on Wednesday. Thursday was not as good, with only 508. I got distracted by life again, and had a lunch date with my fella and then an adventure with my brother in the afternoon, and a lovely hours long chat with one of my best friends in the evening. I really need to make sure I write early in the morning!

Total new words for the week: 2563
Total new words for the month: 2563
Total new words for the year: 18,309
WIP word count: 39,619

The goal for Week 7 is to actually write 1000 words each and every day. No excuses. Keep that focus up. Get the manuscript finished.




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