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The numbers are in!

The official January sales figures came out for Amazon today. I made *drum roll* $26.44!

Eep. That was on across the board: $26.44 £2.29 $2.76
Createspace (US): $27.92

My aim/dream/goal is to make hit the (from here) seemingly outlandish four figures before the end of the year.

Obviously I have a long way to go, but it’s do-able. More releases, regular releases, some promotion, good books, and bobs your uncle. Or maybe not. First step is to reach a three figure month, heh.

What does that look like in actual sales?

To make $100 in the US store, I need to sell:

286 copies at $0.99 (or 143 if I’m running a Countdown deal) or;
48 copies at $2.99 or;
36 copies at $3.99 or;
29 copies at $4.99 or;
24 copies at $5.99 or;
21 copies at $6.99 or;
18 copies at $7.99 or;
16 copies at $8.99 or;
15 copies at $9.99.

Seeing as my books are currently priced between $2.99 and $3.99, we’ll just round it up to about 50 just to be safe. That’s not even two a day. Currently I’m averaging more like one every two or three days.

Maybe I should just forget about sales and money for a few months and focus on building up my backlist. I only have two books out at the moment. These sales numbers would be a lot easier to reach if I had 20 books instead of two!

Last year my (just the US site, not the other ones) sales looked something like this:

January: $12.62
February: $2.81 (worst month)
March: $17.44
April: $13.03
May: $12.94
June: $6.12
July: $4.23
August: $34.61 <– This was when I released 2nd book.
September: $85.20 (best month!) 
October:  $39.45
November: $35.12
December:  $12.29 <— second book fell off dreaded 90 day cliff.
Back to work.



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