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Week #7 check-in

As usual, I think time is flying by too fast, and I’m struggling to believe we’re already over half-way through February!

12th: 1306
13th: 81
14th: 1763
15th: 770 <– I was feeling pretty crook this day, so I’m actually proud of this!
16th: 0 <– Blech. Was having an off day, mentally. Couldn’t focus AT ALL!
17th: 1010
18th: 1002

Weekly total: 5932
Monthly total: 8495
Yearly total: 24,241
WIP word count: 44,584

Perhaps somewhat surprisingly, Valentine’s Day was actually my best writing day for the week. I had a lovely day. The Lovely Boyfriend and I have been together now for 6 Valentine’s Days. We’ve figured out what we like :). No over the top gestures or stupid teddy bears or even cards. Although, I’d never turn my nose up at a homemade card! Just spending some quality time together. We don’t even like going out on Valentine’s Day. We did that one year, went to a nice restaurant we both liked and it was just plain weird. The restaurant had been turned into a production line of couples, with the tables re-arranged to squeeze in as many as they could. In the years since, we’ve decided we just like to cook each other a nice meal, and hang out at home with a bottle of bubbly.

With my little brother currently living with us (14 months and counting…), our quality time is often shared with a +1. Usually doesn’t bother us, my brother is a great man, and good company. But sometimes, you just need some one-on-one couples time, and V-Day seemed like as good an excuse as any. Had a quiet word with the brother, and he cleared out for the day.

I wrote my first thousand words before The Lovely Boyfriend woke up. I usually get up a few hours before he does (he works until 10pm at the moment), so this is my quiet time. After I got my quota done, I walked up to the village and bought some ripe avocados, some yummy cheeses and a couple of coffees from one of our favourite cafes. It wasn’t a day for instant coffee!

We made a yummy brunch (avocado & goat cheese smash, poached eggs) and enjoyed it in the backyard, surrounded by my veggie garden and the cat stalking around our feet. She seemed to think she deserved a seat at the table as well, and kept stealing one whenever either of us got up!

We had a nice, lazy day, pottering around, just hanging out and enjoying each other’s company. And then we enjoyed a bit of time just doing our own thing and enjoying our solitary company. The Lovely Boyfriend did whatever it is he does on his computer (usually involves shooting things), and I sat out in the back yard with my laptop and a glass of pinot grigio and wrote another 700 odd words of my story.

A cheese platter in the afternoon, and then I got spoiled and The Lovely Boyfriend cooked the most delicious meal I’ve had in a long time. It’s a pity he works the hours he does at the moment, because he really is a wonderful cook, and he rarely gets a chance to actually do it these days. I’m a decent cook, and getting better all the time, but… yeah. He’s another level!

If I ever start making enough money to support us both (like $150-200k+/year), then I would employ The Lovely Boyfriend as my full-time cook muahahaha.



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