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Week #8 check-in

Week 8 turned out to be more of an editing week than a writing week. I only managed 679 new words scattered over the week, and that was just tweaking what I already had. I won’t bore you with the daily breakdown.

Diving back into the story now this week [already have 2k words today :)] and the end is in sight. Or perhaps further away? I was anticipating that this book would be about 60k words, but I think it will end up closer to 70k.

My deadline is the 10th of March, which I am aiming to (and should) beat. The pre-order needs to be uploaded by the 10th of April, so I want to give myself plenty of time for editing and what not.

I had to cancel a pre-order last year because I wasn’t ready. I don’t want to repeat that mistake. Haven’t advertised the pre-order at all, and it’s up under a completely anonymous pen name that NO ONE knows about, but I somehow have 10 pre-orders. I know that 10 doesn’t sound like many, but that’s 10 total strangers who have bought my book based on just the (kinda crappy, let’s be honest) blurb and cover that I made myself. This one is a total experiment. Self-made cover and self-editing and not relying on any friend or family help. I’m curious to see how it goes. My other books have been edited and proofread by a few different people, and the cover was made by a pro.

I can’t believe February is almost over!


One thought on “Week #8 check-in

  1. Oooo congratulations. That’s great news. Ten people out of nowhere that are interested without any knowledge of your previous work is awesome 🙂

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