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Week #9 check-in (Feb numbers)

March? Who in the hey, what now? February was not a great month on the productivity front. It started off terribly, with no writing for over a week thanks to Other Stuff going on. Feb finished with a pretty paltry 10,987 new words on the WIP. That’s only a bit over a third of what my minimum SHOULD be. Must do better. March is off to a decent start, so let’s keep up that momentum!

26th Feb: 426
27th Feb: 300
28th Feb: 1014
29th Feb: 73
1st March: 2256
2nd March: 1778
3rd March: 169

Weekly total: 6016
Yearly total: 30,936
WIP total: 49, 860

Sales wise, I finished off the month with a grand total of 25. Broken down that encompasses 14 paid sales and only 1870 KU pages read (when broken down across the two books is an equivalent to 11 books). Book 1 is 106 KU pages long (was 125 before they changed the formula on Feb 1st) and Book 2 is 266 (was 311). Feb was my worst KU month in a long time. For some reason, reads dropped right off in the second half of the month.

Just to illustrate, my pages read since KU2 landed in July 2015:

July: 373
August: 7171
September: 11,312
October: 4823
November: 4012
December: 1838
January: 3576
February: 1870

Obviously I would like more months like September! Hah. The amount you get paid per page each month changes as well, and you only find out once reports come out mid-month for the previous month, but the trend has been generally downward, from starting up at $0.0058 per page, to $0.0041 last month (I think, I don’t have the numbers in front of me right now). Perhaps we’ll see a slight increase this month with the changes Amazon made on Feb 1st – speculated to be aimed at curtailing scammers who would publish ridiculously long books (as in, thousands and thousands of KU pages) and then have a link so that you’d skip from the first page to the last page, effectively tricking the system into thinking someone has read the whole book, gaining them tens/hundreds of thousands of KU pages “read”.

Unfortunately I actually have morals and a conscience, and I have not done anything like that (as tempting as it occasionally is when I look at my bank balance!).

Anyway. My sales + pages read will probably only net me around $20 from the US site, which is not quite enough to trigger a payment. Depending on exactly how much, by my calculations, my kitty will be sitting at around US$93-95. I need it to hit $100 to get a payment here in Aus. Lovely thing about our terrible ass exchange rate right now is that $100 American comes out as $138 on today’s rate, so even that $12 the bank steals for the honour of receiving an international transaction doesn’t end up phasing me that much. Would be more annoying if the dollars were on par.

Here’s hoping I make more than $5-7 next month so I can get paaaaiiiiid. Well. Eventually. Won’t see the money until two months later. So. Better get some more CRT work!





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