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Week #10 check-in

Well, we’re only ten days into March and I’ve already almost written as much as I did in Feb! Yay! This week didn’t get off to the best start, but finished well:

4th March: 315
5th March: 78
6th March:  236
7th March: 1805
8th March: 522
9th March: 2119
10th March: 1106

Weekly total: 6181
Monthly total: 10,384
WIP total: 56,131
Yearly total: 37,117

I have decided it probably wouldn’t be the best for me to move to the tropics. The 8th was a very hot day (38 degrees / 100.4 Fahrenheit), and humid, and generally gross. Overnight was the hottest March night on record here in Melbourne, with the temperature only getting down to 29.2 degrees (85F) which was pretty blegh to sleep in. My productivity went out the window that day. I do much better in nice, 20-something degree weather!

I’ve already written more in a third of March than I did in the whole of February, so yay for me! Now to keep it up 🙂 Some days are still too slack – I honestly don’t have any good excuses. Even on days that I do get a call and go to a school to work for the day – I’m usually home by 4pm, and so still plenty of time to focus and get some writing done. I don’t have any kids or responsibilities outside of cooking dinner, adoring my cat and tidying up a bit! And TLB is still working evenings, as does my brother, so I usually have the house to myself until bedtime. The perfect conditions, no? So what’s my problem!?

Honestly, I think a part of it is that I’m over this story. I want it done, so I can move onto something new. But I have a deadline (which is a good thing, otherwise I’d just have another half/mostly finished manuscript lying around, not earning me any money!) so I need to get it done.

It’s close. I should finish it next week. Fingers crossed!


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