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February sales numbers are in!

Alrighty. It’s mid-month. That time that indie authors clammer for (or maybe it’s just me?), where Amazon releases our official sales figures  for the previous month and you find out just how much you’re going to get paid for your Kindle Unlimited page reads.

For the month of February, I earned a grand total of: $21.91 $5.23


Yeah. Still a long way from my target! I had estimated around $20. KU pages rate was slightly higher up at $0.0048 (January was $0.0041), but seeing as they dropped everyone’s page counts by 10-20% at the start of Feb, the real rate hasn’t actually changed (how much you get per full read of a book). It just makes Amazon look better.

We’re halfway through March, and my numbers are pretty low. At the moment I’m looking at only about $6.50. Which, thankfully is enough to get me over that pesky $100 line and I will get paid next cycle! Woohoo! Stay down, Aussie dollar, stay down!

I really need to release more books. I’m in a bit of a slump with my WIP. I need to focus and attack it, get through the slump and charge on to the finish line!

I’ve been booked to teach today, so hopefully I’m not too zonked by the time I get home, and I can actually get some work done.


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