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Week #13 check-in (tip-toeing along)

You know if I’m silent, I haven’t written much.

Week #11 was only 1478 words.

Week #12 was only 1655

Week #13 was only 1610 words.

Not. Good. Enough!

Why so slow? I can easily write that much in a day (I did, today) and yet I have weeks on end of that being my total weekly word count.

I’m close to the end of the story. It should be done by now. What’s holding me back?

In an attempt to conquer this procrastination of sorts, I’m going to try a different method with the next book. Use what I learned in Chris Fox’s Write to Market to nail down my genre, and use the plotting method in Libbie Hawker’s Take Off Your PantsI’m anticipating (hoping) that this will result in a tighter story that I will be able to write much faster, and also hopefully hit the right genre marks to be mildly successful.


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