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First 24 hours live

So, my new book went fully live about 24 hours ago.

So far, I’ve been really happy with it! This is the first book of a new pen name, that I have not promoted in the slightest and haven’t even told anyone about, so none of them are pity buys from friends/family! Nice feeling! Haha. Of course, I haven’t had any reviews yet – I might get a string of 1* reviews and it will sink it all.

Anyway, so far it’s been my best launch (I only have a data set of 3, but ah well).

I had it up for pre-order, and sold 12 copies that way. Now I’m up to 29 sales. I say sales, but broken down between actual sales and KU pages read, it’s 17 sales and the equivalent of 12 full reads.

It’s getting action on a lot of different sites as well, which kind of surprised me. I’ve already had a full read each in Germany and France!

17 sales and 4223 KU pages read in the past 24 hours for this new book.

Sales are mostly in the US (13 sales), with 3 in Australia and 1 in the UK.

KU pages read:
USA: 1916
UK: 1317
Germany: 330
France: 330
Canada: 331

The book is currently ranked #12,894. I have no idea if this will keep up over the next few weeks, or if today was just a fluke. I suppose only time will tell. Shaping up to be my best month for awhile though, so I’m happy!

I got/get such a rush from publishing. I need to do it more often! Haha. Hard to beat the magic of a new release.

You can see how much the new release has livened things up!

Screen Shot 2016-04-21 at 5.19.29 PM


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