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First week (new pen name, new book)

The secret new book, under the secret new pen name has been out and about in the world for a week now!

It’s done much better than I was expecting. I haven’t told anyone about this book, apart from The Lovely Boyfriend (who has not bought it), so all of these sales have been organic.

*drum roll*

92 sales! 

With the handful from the other two books from my original pen name, that’s pushed me over the 100 line for the first time since April 2013, when I had a couple of pretty good months with my first novella. It’s a nice feeling, being back in the triple digits. I’ll have to wait until mid-May to find out if I’ve hit the $100 threshold in the US store to get paid, but I’m definitely close.


Sales :
US Store: 32
Aus Store: 4
UK Store: 2
German Store: 1

Total: 39 sales 

KU Pages read: 

Total: 17597
US: 11,003
UK: 2835
Germany: 1649
Canada: 1312
France: 330
India: 331

The book is/was 330/331 KENP, so those reads are the equivalent of 52 full reads.

Things are starting to slow down a bit now though. My highest rank was #12,893 on the second day after release, and it’s been floating around between #15k – #22k for most of the week, but it’s down to #30k today.

No reviews on Amazon yet, which might be hurting it, and also my Also-Boughts haven’t kicked in yet. Hopefully they do soon. I have had 5 ratings on Goodreads already, with an average rating of 4.25 which is pretty cool. Now I just hope I get some reviews on Amazon so I can actually advertise it, and that the first few aren’t 1* which would sink it pretty fast :/


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