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April Numbers

Pretty safe to say that April was my best month in a long, long, long time.

Official figures came out the other day.

Across the board I made 49 sales and had 21,639 pages read. Combined, that equals about 116 sales/full reads 🙂 Happy  with that! Triple figures! Woooo! The new book had a total of 104 sales/reads over the 10 days it was out in April. Much more than I was expecting.

The breakdown across various stores (and the money): $121.45 – 39 sales & 13946 KU pages read.  £12.77 –
2 paid sales & 3341 KU pages read. €8.53 – 1 sale & 2046 KU pages read. €1.62 – 330 KU pages read. $8.02 – 1642 KU pages read. 35.67 rupees – 331 KU pages read. $11.03 – 4 sales.
Createspace: $13.14 – 3 sales

May won’t be as good as April, but still better than most other months lately.

Writing has not been going well lately. That thing called life has been getting in the way, between my poor old dog passing away, and a couple of visitors from Canada, a trip up to Sydney… things will go back to normal tomorrow though, when the last of our visitors goes back home, so determined to start making progress again then. Or today.


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