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May Numbers & Figures

Mid-month, so that means it’s time to find out exactly how much money I made on Amazon last month!

Unfortunately it wasn’t a triple figure month, this month. I need another new release, me thinks. $77.68 $11.03  £4.07 €5.89 $5.09
Createspace: $2.04

Total sales were 69 (mix of actual sales and KU pages read).

I’ve been knocked out by a nasty cold this week, so I haven’t been getting much writing done – brain has been a complete and utter fog! It hasn’t just been affecting my writing either – I went to the shops yesterday without my wallet (realised at the cash register, ugh!) and then I burnt the black beans I was cooking for dinner, le sigh. Such a waste. They were smelling so good! I think… They looked good at any rate.

My head is feeling slightly less full of wool today, so I’m going to try and tackle a chapter or two. It may not be useable in the end, but oh well. Better to have written than to have not.

One thought on “May Numbers & Figures

  1. Sorry to hear about the cold. Blerk! Make sure you rug up in the cold snap! Congrats on the sales figures. No retiring on the just yet but one day soon. 🙂

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