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Back in the classroom…

My writing is unfortunately taking a bit of a backseat at the moment – I’m back teaching full time.

Mixed feelings about this, of course. The money is good (and much needed), and I do actually enjoy teaching, but… yeah. It’s just re-affirming what I already knew… teaching is definitely a back up plan for me, not Plan A.

This block is for 8.5 weeks (until the end of term). I’m 2 weeks down. 6.5 weeks to go.

I’m already looking forward to the holidays, haha.

The school is actually the same school where my mother teaches, however that’s not how I got the job. A friend from uni also works there, and she was the one who put my name forward. I was basically handed the job on a silver platter, which is a bit hard to say no to. I’m just filling in for another (very organised) teacher while they are on carer’s leave. It’s a relatively easy load – I only have four subjects (Year 12 Media, Middle School Media, 8-10 English, and Year 11 History), so I have more planning periods than you’d usually get as a full-time teacher, which is definitely helpful, but I’m still mentally and physically exhausted. Some nights I’m in bed by 8pm!

The school is a bit over two hours away from my home and The Lovely Boyfriend, so I’ll be living at Mum’s house during the week, and going back to Melbourne on the weekends. It’s a lot of driving, but I need to see my fella! And my cat!

I did this for 6 weeks two years ago, (although I didn’t get paid) when I had my student-teaching rounds at a nearby school. I didn’t have my own car then though, so weekend visits with TLB were a bit more difficult to organise. Much easier now than I can just jump in my car on a Friday afternoon and be there in 2 hours and 20 mins.





One thought on “Back in the classroom…

  1. UH! The endless balancing act of money vs writing time! Boo!!!! I hate that there is so little appreciation or funding for arts and writing unless you make it. Kind of like a ‘survival of the fittest’ Darwinian approach to creative enterprise. Hope that you are hanging in there and get the chance to write from time to time (or hopefully all the time). xx

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