2016 Self-pub sales figures

2016 has closed for business! What were the final tallies?

Sales = How many actual bona fide sales I got across Amazon, Kobo, and Draft2Digital (which included Apple, Nook, others, but mainly Apple). 
Pages Read = Kindle Unlimited Pages Read. Depending on the length of the book and the month and Amazon’s whims, I get paid roughly equally for a full read through of my books as to an actual sale. 
Money = Actual $AUD paid into my bank account. See Note below for further explanation. 

2016 Sales Pages Read Money
January 12 3576 $0.00
February 14 1870 $0.00
March 5 1093 $0.00
April 49 21639 $0.00
May 15 16337 $138.71
June 4 7270 $162.00
July 4 5802 $11.03
August 7 2506 $139.45
September 10 1366 $0.00
October 10 1769 $24.68
November 5 1192 $0.00
December 14 3304 $5.53
Full Year 149 67724 $481.40

2016 totals:
149 sales, 67724 pages read (=221 full reads), [370 total] and $481.40 paid to me. 

Across the various channels and waiting to hit various thresholds, I have another approx. $300 coming to me. Hopefully I hit all those thresholds in the next few months and actually see the money land in my bank account!

Note: In regards to KU pages read converting to full reads; I’m dividing the pages read by the KENPC of each book. These figures change for each book, and also changed over the year as I republished after changing my program (Vellum) and thus the calculated KENPC changed, so if you’re trying to do any simple maths here, it won’t work! You’ll just have to take my word for it…
And the money thing… I currently live in Australia. Amazon makes me wait until I hit US$105/£100/€100 in each store (other than the Australian store), so even if I make $102 or £99 in a month, I won’t get paid until I make a few more dollars the next month. D2D has a $10 threshold. The Australian Amazon store has no threshold. You can see a more detailed breakdown of my monthly sales by currency under the “Show me the Money” tab of my blog.

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