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More 2016 numbers and goals for 2017

I got my final monthly report from Amazon yesterday, so I can tally and calculate my final 2016 numbers. $408.83 £35.36 $24.30 $33.31 €19.48 €1.62 21.13
Draft2Digital: $19.05
Createspace: $45.86
Kobo: $0.00

Obviously, is my biggest market. I’d like to grow the other markets too, although I’m not entirely sure at the moment how I’ll go about that.

2017 Goals:

My main focus for 2017 will be getting more books out, and hopefully growing those figures. First goal is to make over $408.83 in a month (instead of a year, haha), and then hit that magical $1000 in a month.

I’ve been doing better at writing every day (well, most days) and hitting my minimum 1000 word a day target that I did last year. I really should up that to 3000+ words a day. I currently have a lot of free time, so I don’t really have any excuses!

So…. realistic(ish) goal is to make triple figures ($100+) a month. Slightly more ambitious goal is to make four figures a month. Tell-her-she’s-dreamin’ goal/dream is to make five figures a month. How awesome would that be haha. Well, I won’t get there though the sheer power of day-dreams, so I’d better log off and get to work 🙂


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