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January Reflection

Well! That went quickly! We’re already 1/12th done with 2017!

So far, my writing/publishing year has gotten off to a reasonable start.

I won’t get the official figures until mid-month, but at the moment, I’m pretty sure I’ve sold ~42 copies of my books, and made about $70. That’s pretty good for me lately! I’ll post the actual figures when I get them.

I finished the month with 23,706 new fiction words, which is actually pretty good for me! Possibly a best ever! (I’m not entirely sure, I only started properly tracking my word counts last year.) Last year my best month was only 15,746 words, so I’m pleased enough on that progress.

However, I do want to better. My daily goal is 1000 words. Obviously I didn’t meet it.

Over 1000 words: 16 days
Somewhere between 1-999 words: 8 days.
No words at all: 7 days

Best writing day was the 18th where I wrote 4171 words. I need more days like that! Second best day was yesterday (31st) with 2037.

Getting my word counts up is an ongoing priority this year. It’s a muscle I need to stretch and practise. As much as I’d like to, I can’t just expect to be writing ten thousand words each day, every day, straight away. I need to work up to it.

I’d like to be averaging 5000 words a day, everyday, ideally (of course, more would be better!). But at the moment, I think 5k is a good goal to have. I know I can do it. I’m a fast typer, and once I get in the grove I can write decent prose rather quickly. I can get a thousand words in under an hour. Half an hour if I’m really pumped and know what I want to say. So, really, that 5000 words isn’t all that impressive or hard if I break it down into time chunks.

My main problem still seems to be procrastination. I don’t know how I do it, but I can somehow manage to surf my way around facebook, wikipedia, Kboards, Mr Money Moustache, The Age, etc. and find most of my day is gone. It’s a terrible habit. One way I’ve learned to combat this is to use an internet blocker. Turning the blocker on is the first challenge of the day! It’s oh so easy to just think, ‘oh, yeah, I’ll do that in a minute after I just check this…’. Bad habits, bad habits.

Goals for Feb:
Write over 28,000 words.
Finish and publish current WIP.
Make over ~$45 on Amazon to trigger another payment šŸ˜‰

In Real Life news…
The luxurious summer school holidays have come to an end here in Australia. Ā I don’t currently have a teaching job lined up, so whilst most of my teaching friends are back at school and starting new jobs, I’m still at home in my PJs. The terribly optimistic part of me is hoping against hope that I can actually start making some money from publishing. Probably naive, but there you have it. So it’s the CRT (substitute) life again for moi. Fingers crossed I start getting some calls for work sooner rather than later. Summer funds are running scarily low. Thank goodness I have an extraordinarily supportive fiancĆ©!

The summer veggie garden is flourishing, although I haven’t had much produce to eat out of it yet. My first capsicum ripened the other day. It’s still on the bush. Really hoping a possum doesn’t find it… I’m impatiently waiting for the tomatoes to ripen (I have way too many plants planted, I’m going to be inundated in a few weeks!), waiting for some cucumbers to grow, waiting for zucchini’s, celery, peppers, hmmm. So much waiting! I love watching things grow though. Growing jalapeƱos for the first time for the FiancĆ©! I don’t like them, but he does. Have jalapeƱos, habaneros, birds eye and fire cracker chillies growing for him. He tried one of the first jalapeƱos this morning but said it wasn’t very hot, dang it. Hopefully if we wait a bit longer the others will spice up a bit?

So apart from the waiting, about all we can eat out of there at the moment is lettuce, spring onions, and herbs (parsley, coriander, basil, vietnamese mint, thyme, chives, sage, oregano, mint and rosemary)! Better than nothing, I suppose!

2 thoughts on “January Reflection

  1. Good to get a little catch up on what’s been happening in your world. Glad that writing is chugging along (procrastination and all). Missing you. Can’t wait until I can come visit. Hopefully one day soon. Still trying to get jobs/finances set up. SO freaking stressful.

    Hope that Feb is going well. We will have to chat one day soon.

    1. Damn money! Why do we need it? If only we were already independently wealthy haha.

      Can’t wait for you to come down too! The boy and I were talking about coming up to visit some time the other day. He likes the sub-tropics for some reason haha.

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