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February Reflections

Okay, it’s official. This year is going too fast! How can we already be in March?! Autumn officially started here today, although you wouldn’t know it from the forecast. The week is all 30+ degrees (86+ Fahrenheit), beautifully sunny, and feeling very summery! We had a slow start to the summer, so hopefully the warm weather keeps sticking around; my tomatoes need more time!

Feb stats: 
Words written: 15,121
Days of 1000+ words: 11
Days of between 1-999 words: 7
Days of zero words: 9
CRT (teaching) days: 7
Books sold: 59

I got my offical January numbers mid-month. Drum roll…. US$61.99 from and US$7.74 from Createspace. Nothing anywhere else. I don’t know the exact amount for Feb yet obviously, but it will be around $75 from and $2.58 from Createspace. Growth! Woo! I like to see that! Not quite cracking the $100 a mark threshold, but maybe March will get there?

My goals for Feb were:
Write over 28,000 words: Didn’t get there… need to keep working on this! I averaged  540 words a day over the month. Need to double that!
Finish and publish current WIP: Nope. I’m 30k words into it, I anticipate another 25-30k or so.
Make over ~$45 on Amazon to trigger another payment: Yep! Wooo! I made a bit over $70 (find out exactly how much in a couple of weeks), so I will definitely get a payment in April. At today’s exchange rate, that (Jan +Feb = ~$135) works out to about $175 in Aussie dollars, of which Amazon will keep 5% for the IRS and the bank will take $12 for converting it (sigh). I get much more excited and proud of my publishing money than my teaching money! My ~$150 is about what I get paid for just 3.5 hours of work, so… haha. Two months of sales equals 3.5 hours of teaching work… I need to get that ratio a bit better!

I still seem to be struggling with the writing every day thing, with 9 days where I didn’t write any fiction. Need to keep working on that! I had lulls early month and then again mid-month where I didn’t write much. Part of that was I was a bit stuck by the story (early month), and then I had a few teaching days in a row mid-month that left me super tired. I got lucky with the teaching days I had at the end of the month. I was at schools that supply you with an internet enabled laptop so I could get on google drive, and I had one or two senior classes each day that just put their heads down and got on with their work and didn’t need much attention from me, so I was actually able to sneak in a thousand words! Still too tired to do much writing when I got home from work though.

The sick teachers delivered, and I got a few teaching days to start the money rolling again! I get paid $250 a day (6 hour days), and I figure I need about 8 days a month to keep on top of all my bills, rent, credit card repayments, little bit of fun money… without going into further debt or having to ask The Lovely Fiancé for help. I was pretty lucky to get the 7 days in Feb. February is notoriously quiet on the CRT front; I know a lot of teachers who haven’t had any days at all, or only one, so I am grateful for the days I did get.

March is a long month, and I’ve got my fingers crossed for at least 3 days a week (would work out to 15 days for the month), which would help put me a bit ahead. Gotta get rid of this damn debt! I hate having it over my head, and I am deeply irritated with Past!Bec for letting it build up!

Goals for March:

  • 31,000 words or more
  • Finish the current WIP and publish it
  • Make over $100
  • Write every day

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