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Writing Challenge: Finish the WIP before we go to Canada (in 6 days).

I’ve set myself a Writing Challenge: Finish my WIP before we fly out to Canada… which is in 6 days!

I’ve really dropped the ball on my writing the past couple of months. May and June were utterly pathetic when it came to word counts. May was only 256, and June wasn’t much better at only 575. Bah! July hasn’t been great, but I’ve been slowly getting back into it.

What can I say? Life got in the way. We moved houses in May, and a lot of my energy and focus went into that process (cleaning the old house took way longer than expected! Old houses rain dust!). I’m still doing casual relief teaching, and it’s the busy time of year for that, which is great for my bank account and mission to get out of debt, but crummy for my writing. I still haven’t managed to find a very good balance between working and writing. I’m just mentally exhausted after teaching all day – I think part of the problem is I’m such an introvert, and teaching is a very extroverted profession. It just drains me utterly, and I’m a bit of a zombie when I get home. I need to experiment a bit more with different routines to help me not waste away all my afternoons/evenings as a zombie. Either a nap when I get home, or perhaps go for a run or something?

The Lovely Fiance and I are heading back to Canada for 3 weeks for a holiday/visit friends and family. I’m really looking forward to it – it’s been 3 years and 9 months since I left! Also helps that it’s lovely summer over there, and cold, dreary winter here in Melbourne.

I’ve been working on this WIP since January. I thought I would have finished it back in March, but alas it’s now July and languishing around the 66k words mark. At the moment I’m anticipating it will clock in around 80k, but that’s just a guess. I don’t have a word count aim for the book (it’s already passed that), but I do have a few more scenes and adventures I need to put in it.

I want to finish it before we fly out on the 29th. I don’t anticipate that I’ll be able to do much writing while we’re away – I might have a few days when we’re at my parents-in-law’s house (middle of nowhere) when everyone else is reading/playing computer games/watching tv, but half the time we will be with friends and not have a lot of down time.

It’s also grating on me that it’s July and I haven’t finished a single book yet this year. I need to produce much faster if I’m ever going to make a living at this.


To really make this a challenge, I’ve made it pretty tough for myself. I’ve been booked to work all week at a school. You know, that thing that turns me into a zombie. To make matters worse, this school is a 45-55 minute drive away (so I’m wasting 90-100+ minutes a day just sitting in my car, getting irritated at the selfish and terrible driving I witness), and it’s also a school where I know I will not get even a moment to myself, apart from maybe 15 minutes at lunch time to scoff down some food… if I’m lucky. It’s going to be a full on week. But it will get me $1500 before tax ($1054 after tax/HECS is taken out), and I kinda really need that money at the moment!

I will check in each day of the Challenge with my progress. Ideally, I need to finish it by Thursday (27th). I don’t think I’ll end up having much time on Friday night – we’ll be taking the cat over to my brother’s house and having dinner with him, and then we fly out Saturday morning. Also, I’m having dinner with a friend on Wednesday night, so I’ll need to make sure I get a bit done as soon as I get home from work that day. So. Yeah.

Tally ho!

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