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Word count milestone

One of my goals for this year was to increase my word counts.

Another goal was to write on average, at least a thousand words a day and thirty thousand words a month.

This is the first month that I’ve actually hit that goal! Today I passed that 30,000 mark (31,451 to be precise at the time of writing this!) for the first time since I started tracking my word count! And we’ve still got 10 days left of the month! 

My best day, so far, this month was the 14th when I wrote 6045 words, followed up by the 2nd where I wrote 5026. There have also been four days where I wrote nothing at all, and a few more days where I didn’t hit the thousand word target, so we still have a bit of work to do in forming that habit, but on the whole, I’m pretty pleased!

It’s a bit after 1pm here, and I’ve written 2126 words so far today. I still have a few more hours of free time before The Lovely Fiance comes back home, so I’m going to put my headphones on, block the internet, and try to have another 5000+ word day. Those days feel good!

Sales are pretty slow so far this month. Hopefully, a new release will put a bit of life back into things! Now just to actually finish the book…


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