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I finally did it! Over $1000 in a month!

Apologies for neglecting this blog. Bit weird of me, as I’ve actually had things to write about!

I (finally) published a new book at the end of January. It was under a new pen name. For some reason, I felt uncomfortable putting it out under my real name, even though it fits well and truly in the genre I’ve published there. Pressure, the peace of anonymity, I’m not entirely sure. Mixture of the above.

Anyway. So the new book went out without any fanfare. I didn’t tell anyone apart from my fiance, and he didn’t buy it. So blow me down when it actually started selling! These were no pity buys from family or friends! They were real, actual sales from readers!

So far it’s sold 2150 copies, in a bit over 3 months.

This new book finally allowed me to hit a goal that felt very elusive for so long: making over $1000 in a month.

I almost got there in February – $952.58.
March, I finally did it!! – $2007.23 
April was slightly better! – $2182.01. 
May has already blown my pre-March 2018 months out of the water with $446 for the first week.

(Those numbers have been converted to Aussie $ seeing as that’s what I live off, if you want to see the breakdown between stores and currencies, check out my Show Me the Money page)

It’s pretty crazy to see how much one book can change things. I’ve had books totally flop, books sell a few hundred quickly and then die off, books sell small numbers but steadily over years, and now this book is still selling 20-30 copies a day. The dreaded 90-day cliff hasn’t appeared. It (touch wood) seems pretty sticky, hanging out in the 5000-8000 rankings in the store. I don’t know how long it will last.

Screen Shot 2018-05-08 at 10.55.46 amScreen Shot 2018-05-08 at 10.56.33 am



One thought on “I finally did it! Over $1000 in a month!

  1. Oh My GOD! Wahooooooooo!!! This is the best news I’ve heard in so long. Congratulations. You are such a superstar and deserve this epic success. I’m so proud of you. Wish I was there to take you out to celebrate. We need to talk soon. I wish it was in person. Missing you my fabulous writer friend.

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