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Frugality and Simplicity: Things we’ve done right

Following on from my previous post on developing a more frugal and simple life… I was thinking about areas we could improve, and areas where we’ve done relatively all right over the past twelve and a bit months since moving back to Melbourne. Things we’ve done “right” this year: Been patient. When we needed something,… Continue reading Frugality and Simplicity: Things we’ve done right

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When your income dries up

So, I’m a full-time uni student (well, more than full-time really seeing as my course is overloaded! Most uni students do 4 subjects a semester – in my course we’re doing 6 each semester, essentially cramming 3 semesters worth of work into 2) this year. Between my placement (working full-time in schools for 30 days)… Continue reading When your income dries up