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February Reflections

Okay, it’s official. This year is going too fast! How can we already be in March?! Autumn officially started here today, although you wouldn’t know it from the forecast. The week is all 30+ degrees (86+ Fahrenheit), beautifully sunny, and feeling very summery! We had a slow start to the summer, so hopefully the warm… Continue reading February Reflections

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More 2016 numbers and goals for 2017

I got my final monthly report from Amazon yesterday, so I can tally and calculate my final 2016 numbers. $408.83 £35.36 $24.30 $33.31 €19.48 €1.62 21.13 Draft2Digital: $19.05 Createspace: $45.86 Kobo: $0.00 Obviously, is my biggest market. I’d like to grow the other markets too, although I’m… Continue reading More 2016 numbers and goals for 2017

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May Numbers & Figures

Mid-month, so that means it’s time to find out exactly how much money I made on Amazon last month! Unfortunately it wasn’t a triple figure month, this month. I need another new release, me thinks. $77.68 $11.03  £4.07 €5.89 $5.09 Createspace: $2.04 Total sales were 69 (mix of actual sales and… Continue reading May Numbers & Figures