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Frugality and Simplicity: Some thoughts

I’ve been thinking a lot about frugality and simplicity lately. It’s no secret that I love the idea of financial independence and freedom, and not having to work in 9-5 drudgery making someone else rich. (Teaching is not making someone else rich financially, it’s just completely emotionally and mentally draining!). Life is short, and the… Continue reading Frugality and Simplicity: Some thoughts

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Growing your own food in the city?

This is something I’m really struggling with at the moment. We have no garden. It sucks. We’re renting at the moment (and for the forceable future). For our (currently) limited budget and location restrictions (for this year, at least, I’m going into Parkville almost everyday. We could live further out and have a big yard,… Continue reading Growing your own food in the city?