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Writing Challenge: Finish the WIP before we go to Canada (in 6 days).

I’ve set myself a Writing Challenge: Finish my WIP before we fly out to Canada… which is in 6 days! I’ve really dropped the ball on my writing the past couple of months. May and June were utterly pathetic when it came to word counts. May was only 256, and June wasn’t much better at… Continue reading Writing Challenge: Finish the WIP before we go to Canada (in 6 days).

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January Reflection

Well! That went quickly! We’re already 1/12th done with 2017! So far, my writing/publishing year has gotten off to a reasonable start. I won’t get the official figures until mid-month, but at the moment, I’m pretty sure I’ve sold ~42 copies of my books, and made about $70. That’s pretty good for me lately! I’ll… Continue reading January Reflection

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More 2016 numbers and goals for 2017

I got my final monthly report from Amazon yesterday, so I can tally and calculate my final 2016 numbers. $408.83 £35.36 $24.30 $33.31 €19.48 €1.62 21.13 Draft2Digital: $19.05 Createspace: $45.86 Kobo: $0.00 Obviously, is my biggest market. I’d like to grow the other markets too, although I’m… Continue reading More 2016 numbers and goals for 2017

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May Numbers & Figures

Mid-month, so that means it’s time to find out exactly how much money I made on Amazon last month! Unfortunately it wasn’t a triple figure month, this month. I need another new release, me thinks. $77.68 $11.03  £4.07 €5.89 $5.09 Createspace: $2.04 Total sales were 69 (mix of actual sales and… Continue reading May Numbers & Figures