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January Reflection

Well! That went quickly! We’re already 1/12th done with 2017! So far, my writing/publishing year has gotten off to a reasonable start. I won’t get the official figures until mid-month, but at the moment, I’m pretty sure I’ve sold ~42 copies of my books, and made about $70. That’s pretty good for me lately! I’ll… Continue reading January Reflection

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More 2016 numbers and goals for 2017

I got my final monthly report from Amazon yesterday, so I can tally and calculate my final 2016 numbers. $408.83 £35.36 $24.30 $33.31 €19.48 €1.62 21.13 Draft2Digital: $19.05 Createspace: $45.86 Kobo: $0.00 Obviously, is my biggest market. I’d like to grow the other markets too, although I’m… Continue reading More 2016 numbers and goals for 2017

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May Numbers & Figures

Mid-month, so that means it’s time to find out exactly how much money I made on Amazon last month! Unfortunately it wasn’t a triple figure month, this month. I need another new release, me thinks. $77.68 $11.03  £4.07 €5.89 $5.09 Createspace: $2.04 Total sales were 69 (mix of actual sales and… Continue reading May Numbers & Figures