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End of the year!

Well, we’re almost at the end of 2015. I’m still not entirely sure how that crept up on me so fast! 2015 has been a solid year for me. Not bad at all, but not super fantastic either. Just very busy… Or maybe that was only the second half of the year.. Some achievements for the… Continue reading End of the year!

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Frugality and Simplicity: Things we’ve done right

Following on from my previous post on developing a more frugal and simple life… I was thinking about areas we could improve, and areas where we’ve done relatively all right over the past twelve and a bit months since moving back to Melbourne. Things we’ve done “right” this year: Been patient. When we needed something,… Continue reading Frugality and Simplicity: Things we’ve done right

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Frugality and Simplicity: Some thoughts

I’ve been thinking a lot about frugality and simplicity lately. It’s no secret that I love the idea of financial independence and freedom, and not having to work in 9-5 drudgery making someone else rich. (Teaching is not making someone else rich financially, it’s just completely emotionally and mentally draining!). Life is short, and the… Continue reading Frugality and Simplicity: Some thoughts