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May Numbers & Figures

Mid-month, so that means it’s time to find out exactly how much money I made on Amazon last month! Unfortunately it wasn’t a triple figure month, this month. I need another new release, me thinks. $77.68 $11.03  £4.07 €5.89 $5.09 Createspace: $2.04 Total sales were 69 (mix of actual sales and… Continue reading May Numbers & Figures

Amazon · Career · Money · self-publishing

February sales numbers are in!

Alrighty. It’s mid-month. That time that indie authors clammer for (or maybe it’s just me?), where Amazon releases our official sales figures  for the previous month and you find out just how much you’re going to get paid for your Kindle Unlimited page reads. For the month of February, I earned a grand total of:… Continue reading February sales numbers are in!